About Melinda

Melinda Coker helps women who are struggling to start a business actually get the ideas that are floating around in their head down on paper.  She helps them develop their niche, their marketing message and their core product or service.  Because an entrepreneur is the heart and soul of her business, Melinda also helps women develop their personal brands through her Signature Program, You Are the Brand.

Melinda is a serial entrepreneur and has started and grown a number of successful businesses over the years.  Most recently she authored the popular health book, “Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection?”

Women, when surveyed about what will make them happy, often choose health, wealth or losing ten pounds.  But they become frustrated because most of them just continue to chase those elusive goals for months or years. 

With a background in education, marketing, counseling, health & fitness and even photography, Melinda has turned her attention to helping women actually achieve their wishes for health, wealth and losing those 10 pounds (or more).

Her current signature programs under the umbrella of You Are the Brand include two virtual programs: 1) 90 Days to a Slimmer, Healthier You; 2) Your Healthiest 6-Months Ever; and a 2-day group program in Tyler, TX 3) Continue the Weekend