I recently went to a new hair salon because of the number of “rave” reviews they had.  It was incredible.  Reviewer after reviewer was ecstatic.

After my visit to the salon I can hardly wait to write my own ecstatic review.

Let me tell you why.  After looking at their website, I called the salon.  I wanted to make an appointment, but first I wanted to confirm that this place was as incredible as I suspected it was.  

The receptionist who answered my call was awesome.  She was friendly, professional and interested in finding out what I wanted.  She then explained my questioned services, told me about the incredible sylists they had and booked me.

When I walked in three days later for my appointment, there were two receptionists.  They stood up, greeted me in a warm and friendly manner, offered a choice of drinks and then handed me a cold, sparkling water.  They told me that my stylist would be with me in ten minutes and pointed me to the cozy reception room.  I sat down with my drink, picked up one of the current magazines but mainly watched as other customers came and went.  I noticed that each person was greeted with the same interest and enthusiasm.

After meeting my stylist and talking to him about what I wanted, I felt perfectly comfortable that I was in the right hands.

Then came the shampoo.  Wow, here comes MY enthusiasm!  Towels were folded on the edge of the sink so my neck would be cushioned.  A tufted foot stool was placed under my feet.  The water temperature was warm and perfect.  Then during the shampoo I was treated to the most incredible head massage for a full 5-minutes.  After the conditioning treatment a hot towel from the warmer was wrapped around my head.  Did I say "rave review?"

The stylist then led me back to his station.  He was easy to talk to and really took his time to make sure he gave me the perfect haircut and blow dry.  

During our talk, I learned that he had worked in salons in New York City for twenty years, but had moved to Austin when his wife was offered a new job. Because of his experience, he had the pick of salons he could associate himself with.  He had chosen this particular one because of it's dedication to providing 
superior quality and personalized care.

I have gone to beauty salons for years.  What made this one so special?

  • They have rave reviews, an informative web site and a knowledgeable, passionate person answering the phone.
  • They hire passionate, skilled, professional, creative people with an innate sense of style.
  • Their stylists and assistants are challenged to continuously improve in some way each and every day. 
  • The enthusiasm and excitement of everyone – from the first call, to the reception, to the stylists.    
  • The extra touches provided – from the pleasant lighting, to the towels on the wash basin to the massaging shampoo.
  • The confidence and joy you feel as you walk out.

I had better stop now as I have a Yelp review to write!